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Dear Garry,

Just a quick email to let you know that we have had some wonderful news with mum. Thanks to the apricot seeds:

Mum’s lung cancer has reduced in size!!! And the doctor said it looks like it is dying from the inside as it has air bubble in the tumor. The fluid from around her lung has disappeared. And the specs of dots that were on the lining of the lung (also assumed to be cancer) has disappeared

Thank you again for making these seeds available. I have referred so many people to your website and told everyone I can about the seeds – it really does assist the body while taking treatment!!!

Thank you

Kind Regards,
Angela Banovic


Hello Garry,

The B15 and megazyme forte have been great. The B15 gives quite an oxygen kick. Donna is less sleepy as her body is getting more efficient with oxygen during the taking of B17.

Due to the B17 tablets Donna is pain free which is amazing considering the severity. Thank You Lord Jesus! I guess only time will tell how long we have her for. I believe we are slowing the cancer down. Considering Donna's age and weakness after chemo (Glivec) I don't know if the B17 will have as much success as it could in someone healthier and younger?

Yours heartily,


Hello Khun Garry

We are all ok, specialy Nong Tee my son he is looking must better than before and has lived well past the three months the doctors give him to live big thank you for your help and apricot seeds. You give good thing for my 18 month old boy who was suffering from terminal liver and kidney cancer you have given him life, with you all the best and best
big big kiss to you from my son and us..



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