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Dear Sir/Madam,

I purchased the Bitter Apricot Seeds almost a year ago from appricotseeds.com.au, and I am eating them regularly for almost a year (in average 4 to 8 seeds a day and 4 to 7 days a week).

I would like to confirm that I do not suffer from any side effects which I can associate with their regular consumption. I also would like to add that the best to my knowledge I do not suffer from any life threatening disease and I feel very good and believe to be healthy. I am 47 years old, 72Kg, 170cm high, I do some exercises occasionally and I am happy in life.

I decided to consume the Bitter Apricot Seeds occasionally to protect myself from the risk of cancer which this century is statistically noticed in the Western Countries. By doing some research I found that there are basic communities worldwide without cancer which is associated with their regular consumption of  Bitter Apricot Seeds.

Yours Faithfully,
Adam Oleksy
Endeavour Hills,  Victoria


To whom it concerns,

My name is Alan power I am 32 years of age 6ft in height and weigh 78 kg. The reason I bought apricot seeds from w.w.w. apricotseeds.com.au. is the following. 

My brother of 26 years of age had a lump on his left testicle. After seeing the doctor, they decided to remove the testicle. After that they gave him 12 weeks of chemotherapy. When the chemo was done, they wanted to cut him open again and take a piece of his lung out because they said there was a growth on it.

In the meantime I had discussed the case with a good friend of mine who is a Doctor himself. He advised me to research vitimin b17 which I did. After reading Edward G.Griffin's book World with out Cancer, it all became very clear how cancer is relieved physically (it cannot be cured because it's not a disease, it's a nutiritnal defiency). And why cancer is kept alive from a political and financial stand point.

With this new information plus a good diet and a pregnancy test for my brother (read the book World without Cancer) we confirmed he was all good. My brother went back to the hospital and had no tumor markers in his blood, although the pregnancy test had already given us the all-clear. The Dr. asked for him to come back in 3 months and again no cancer then either, no surprise there. They said the chemo must have worked (of course damaging every cell in the body is going to work!!!). They said they wanted to monitor him for the next 3 years but he has now emigrated and is living a fantastic life eating apricot seeds every day, perfectly healthy.

That is why I purchased apricot seeds from w.w.w. apricotseeds.com.au., and I think its a shame they are not in every super market on the planet. At least every supermarket in Australia would be a start.


Alan Power



Dear Garry

Looks like the pharma mafia is getting stronger in Australia as well. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer two years ago and part of my natural cures is taking 30 apricot kernals  daily. Last DRE they could not find any sign of a tumour in my prostate.Ty Bollinger book (Cancer step outside the box ) has a very informative article on vitamin B17. If I Can be of any more help please dont hesitate to contact me by email or ring me.

God bless Regards

Atze Stal
Naracoorte, South Australia




Hi Gary,

Thank you for this email. I have 15 apricot kernels each day and have done so for years, I am still alive and well. They have never made me sick.

Stirling  W.A.




Hi Garry,

Good on you for trying to keep the bastards honest !!!

My name is Sue Hoepner and I am 5'7" and weigh around 68 kg.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2007 and as I have always been slightly interested in the alternative approach was recommended to see a nutritionist/naturopath who advised me on the use of Apricot Seeds.   I had also been recommended them by my dentist who works in liason with my naturopath. He also takes a preventative/alternate view with his dental practice.  My father in law had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in November 2005 and he also had been using the apricot seeds, so I had heard about them from him.

I had a lumpectomy and 3 months of chemotherapy and then 6 weeks of radiotherapy and during this time took around 25 apricot seeds daily crushed in organic juice.  I have had no side effects at all from the dosage.  Since my treatment has stopped which was 4 years ago, I have been taking a daily dose of 11-13 (I like odd numbers !!) crushed in organic juice. 

I have 6 monthly check ups with my naturopath who is amazed at how healthy I am.  I also have yearly mammograms and all has been good there.  I feel fanstic and really healthy.  I go to the gym 3 days per week and do a weekly yoga class.
I would most definitely recommend them to any others going through the same course of treatment. No harm in trying !!!!

Good luck with all of your good work !!

Kind Regards,

Sue Hoepner
Wynn Vale, SA




Dear Garry,

I have read your letter with utter dismay. However, I am aware that people growing apricots in Victoria are also being targeted by this ridiculous campaign from our Government bureaucrats.

Let me tell you something about myself. I am 63 years old and a Vietnam Veteran on a TPI pension for PTSD. I have been aware that Vietnam Veterans in Australia have a 53% better chance of developing Prostate Cancer than the general population. Knowing this I went to my GP and asked if he would set up a regular PSA check along with Blood Sugars and Cholesterol, which I was then having every 12 months.  That was in 2003. I had also complained to my GP some time earlier about having pain when I urinated.

In 2010 I was feeling very run down so I went along to the GP for a check. He found blood in my urine and sent me off to Urologist. He asked to do a biopsy, which I reluctantly agreed to and it came back with all points cancerous. He told me in front of my wife that I had 3 – 5 good years and he’d put me on hormone injections to slow the cancer down. There was nothing more he could do as it had already metastasised to the bone and the lymph system. Then sent me home.
My diagnosis was:
21/7/2010; PSA 12.4; Gleason Score 9; Cancer stage from DRE T2;
According to the Medical Fraternity I was a “Dead Man Walking”.

Some pathology test also indicated I was carrying a residue of Agent Orange which has probably occurred in many other Veterans. (The government and the medical profession can use lethal substances on humans when they wish too, but then cry foul when we find a good one.)

I visited my Naturopath the next day and told him what was happening. He placed me on to ‘The Paleo Diet’ and started to build up my immune system and the good cells in my body. I started to feel better for the first time in months. During the lead up to the final diagnosis I’d ‘Googled’ many sites and found the works of Phillip Day. On reading his books on vitamin B17 or Laetrile I got very excited. How simple, a compound that the body can digest and use to its best effect. No damage to the healthy cells, but extermination to the unhealthy ones. I decided to go out and get some apricot kernels and give it a go.

It wasn't that simple. When I called into a local orchard that grows Apricots and makes jams and cakes and asked if I could have the kernels from the apricots that they slice open, I didn’t want the cooked ones, I was told that the health Officials had sent out a warning telling him that he couldn’t sell his surplus kernels.  I asked what would happen if I bought fresh fruit from him and he said that was OK, but he couldn’t sell me just the kernels. This fitted in with what Phillip Day had reported from his research.

I then went back to the internet and found your site and ordered my first supply. Like a friend of mine, I’m glad I found your site because trying to break open the shell of the apricot to get the kernel is a feat in itself.

Barry Pearce
Meredith, Victoria


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