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During that visit to my doctor I was ordered to have another blood test, which I did. I returned 3 days later and my doctor told me the bad news not that I had Cancer of the Prostate but that my P.S.A. level had skyrocketed to 3630 and was out of control. She told me that she could not help me anymore, shook my hand and said “Sorry” and that I would be best suited to see a Urologist as they are the only one who could help me.

So, I did make a booking to see an Urologist at one of the Private Hospitals on the Gold Coast. This was hard for me, as through the Public system I would have waited 4 to 5 times longer than going to a Private Hospital. I got to see the Urologist the following week, which I though was great. But on my arrival I was amazed how many old men were at his practice. It was true what they said to me - that is, the doctor’s in my previous visits termed technically an “Old Man’s Disease”. All the men in the Urologist practice were no younger than 65 plus. They must have thought that I was the delivery boy. I finally got to see my Urologist and he was an over-confident man who spoke to me in simple language. He hadn’t even seen my Ultra-Sound pictures and had already diagnosed me with Prostate Cancer. His explanation was that he has seen over thousands people who had the same symptoms as me.

I was gutted, as he had the magic wand that cured me or left me to die without absorbing the big picture. He did a brief look at my Ultra-Sound pictures and booked me in for a C.T. Scan and rebooked me for another visit a couple of weeks later.

I kept my appointment with the Radiologist, picked up my X-ray pictures and returned to my Urologist. He then, in his arrogance, said to me that I had Cancer of the Prostate and that the C.T. Scan would confirm his suspicions. When he had a look at my C.T. Scan he said that the mass was too large to operate on and that I would be best going on Hormone Therapy.

My Urologist's explanation of Hormone Therapy was not to kill the Cancer but more to delay the inevitable. His explanation was that the Estrogens in the Hormone Therapy would trick the Prostate to thinking that everything is O.K. and would actually shrink the size of the Prostate. But then it wakes up to it being manipulated and goes on growing. Then he would use Chemo Therapy, and that slows it down. And then, when that fails, simply get ready for you creator.

I asked him that if the Prostate shrinks, could he not get in there and cut out the Cancerous Prostate. His reply was, as before “No”. I then asked him how much time, his answer was “I don’t know”. I asked him 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years? His answer was that I have had it for quite a while and that he did not know how long I had.

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather at that time. I was in a downward spiral of mixed emotions. I used to laugh at others and call them “Too low for Zero.” I now knew what that meant at that time.

I asked the doctor that if I got so sick, that I could not look after myself, then could I have a fatal dose of something as I wanted to check out with dignity. Here was a specialist in Urology looking me straight in the face with no compassion at all implying that “We will keep you alive till we can’t make any more money out of you” As the tablets that he prescribed for me we worth $492 which lasted for 14 days and the Hormone injection which I took later so I won’t have to take the tablets was worth $1,800 lasting for 3 months. Not to mention the quarterly visits do the Urologist at $160 a visit. It’s a profitable business the Cancer business to the tune I was told, of $200 Billion U.S. dollars a year. Anyway lets get on with the rest of my story.

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