Does the tumour disappear

How is success against cancer measured?  Is it the length of life?  The quality of life?  The feeling of well-being and absence of pain?  The ability to function normally on a daily basis?  All of these are the criteria used by doctors who apply nutritional therapy.  They are not concerned with the size of a tumor because they know most tumors are a mixture of malignant and benign cells.  Orthodox medicine, on the other hand, is totally focussed on the tumor ( in cancers where tumors are formed ).  A living and healthy patient with a tumor reduced by only 15% but stable would be classified as a failure, whereas a sick and dying patient with a tumor reduced 60% would be a success.

Hundreds of people make the wrong decisions because they were expecting their tumor to disappear.  The tumor doesn't disappear.  When the tumor shrinks down that's it, start rejoicing and continue on your natural regimen.  Most doctors will still see a tumor and continue to give a person chemotherapy ( until they're dead ) in attempts to make the tumor disappear.  Malignant ( cancerous ) tumors are only a small percent cancer and when the cancer part starts dying off, the tumor only shrinks down the percent that the tumor was cancerous.

In other words, if a kidney tumor is 10 percent cancerous the tumor will shrink down only 10 percent.  So, if you get a CAT scan, which one should never get ( with 6 CAT scans there is over 60% more of a chance of one developing Leukemia; MRI's are much safer as they use magnetic imaging and not radiation ) a 10 percent shrinkage can be concluded as "NO CHANGE".

In general, if the tumor is easily accessible and if the patient wishes to do so, have the tumor removed.  By removing the tumor the body has one less thing with which to cope.  If the tumor is remote, not causing any problem and the patient agrees, leave the tumor alone.  The tumor is merely a symptom, not a cause.  If you take care of the body, the body will take care of the tumor.  That doesn't mean that the tumor will go away, but it is unlikely to cause a problem.

Do NOT stop eating the apricot seeds along with digestive / pancreatic enzymes and one must maintain the body at a normal, slightly alkaline pH - 7.35 to 7.45.  The ideal pH for blood is 7.4






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