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During that visit my Urologist booked me in for a Bone Scan to see if the Cancer had reached my bones. Also my Urologist booked me in for a Biopsy to the Prostate. About this time I bumped into a old friend who had the same thing happen to him. He had Prostate Cancer and they cut it out and it grew back then he went for Chemo Therapy. It went away and came back. There was no more that Orthodox Medicine (Modern Medicine) could do for him and he found out about Apricot Seeds.

He sold his house and went to Mexico for further treatment. The treatment that he received was called “Metabolic Therapy”. It was not cheap costing him over $240,000 Euro Dollars but after 4 years he was in the clear.

I went a week later for the Bone Scan and a further week down the track I turned up for my Biopsy. I at this time before my Biopsy asked my Urologist has he heard of Apricot Seeds or Chinese herbs His answer was not enough research has been done on Apricot Seeds or Chinese Herbs so he could not speak on them.

I found this a little strange as the power of Apricot Seeds to kill Cancer was discovered in the 18th Century and Chinese Herbs are thousands of years old. If anything the new kid on the block was Modern Medicine or so called Orthodox Medicine.

My Biopsy was rushed though in 15 minutes and I was sent home, wondering about my future for myself and my beautiful partner and 5 boys.

A week later I went back to the Urologist. I went with my partner Michelle who read up about Prostate Cancer. When I saw my Urologist he had a look at my Bone Scan and it showed up negative for Bone Cancer but my Urologist said that the Scan did not pick up minute particles of bone Cancer. He seemed to gloat in the information that he gave he.

Michelle then asked my Urologist what was the finding of my Biopsy and he told us that I had the highest reading for Prostate Cancer it was 8. Michelle then asked him was that on the Gleason Scale and my Urologist seemed to be thrown back in the thought that here is a lady who understood.

I immediately tapped Michelle’s foot under the table and she turned to me to acknowledge that this Urologist is an idiot as the highest you can get on the Gleason Scale is 10.

I was still inoperable in the eyes of the New South Wales Cancer Foundation. I think that my Urologist had been so comfortable in telling his patients to take Hormone tablets and come back in 3 months for a check up. Then he could keep his patients alive for 5, 10 to 15 years and make good money as he did not want to work up a sweat and operate on his patients.

Good money if you can make it, but I asked myself this question "How does he live with himself as his patients die all around him? I am sure that if I got a gun and killed someone with it I would be charged with murder. With the Urologist, he gets called a specialist and listened to by his patients who know no better. I remember my last thoughts to my Urologist during that visit, it was as I was leaving his practice, “Cancer is just a word and that I’ll cure myself just like Greg my mate did with his Prostate Cancer”.

The next day, I ordered 3 kilos of Apricot Seeds from interstate, in Australia and in the meantime my simple mind became a sponge. Reading books and going on the internet along with picking Greg’s head, as he had already been to hell and back.

I was fortunate to be able to get a copy of the Metabolic Therapy that they use at the Hospital that Greg went to - the Oasis of Hope Hospital. Since 1963, one hundred thousand patients have been treated at the Oasis of Hope Hospital founded by Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr. The five-year survival rate for Prostate Cancer as to so-called Modern Medicine was:


Type of cancer Patients 5yr Survival rate (Oasis of Hope) Survival rate (National)
Lung Cancer 200 30% 2%
Breast Cancer 130 39% 21%
Colon Cancer 150 30% 8%
Prostate Cancer 600 86% 33%


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