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About Apricot Seeds

Vitamin B-17, also known as Laetrile and Amygdaline is found in most fruit seeds. Apricot seeds are one of the best sources.

When apricot seeds are blanched they are boiled at high temperature, which results in a skinless, pale coloured kernel. As you are probably aware boiling anything destroys much of its vitamin content, enzymes and nutrients. Blanched apricot seeds therefore have little value as a nutritional supplement.

Apricots originated in China and have been cultivated there for around 5000 years. Our apricot seeds are sourced from China to provide you with the best, cheapest, freshest product available. And yes, of course, they aren’t blanched.

Garry’s Story

Dear friends, there are alarming claims being made by others in the Apricot Seeds industry. It is obvious that for them, selling seeds is just a money making venture. We will never sink to their level.

Garry Vereb instigated the construction this site after his successful battle against Prostate Cancer using apricot seeds. Read his inspirational true life account here. For him, the selling of apricot seeds is just a way of “paying it forward”, and he will continue to try and help others to benefit from them as he has, despite opposition from large pharmaceutical companies, government agencies and money driven retailers.

Read some of the support letters that Garry has received during his recent struggles to keep this site open.

Our seeds come hygienically packaged and arrive at your doorstep in a matter of days via Australia Post

Latest News

Apricot Seed Recall

A recent article Residents warned on ‘unsafe’ seeds appearing in many daily papers has given some people pause when thinking of purchasing apricot seeds.

Our apricot seeds have never been recalled and have been used by countless people without any adverse effects. Read some of their success stories.

Government Persecution

Many long-time users of this site are probably wondering “what happened?!”

Yes, the site is a small shadow of what it used to be. The changes have been brought about due to continued threats of fines and imprisonment by the NSW Food Authority and the Deptartment of Health.

Despite this continued opposition Garry is determined to carry on providing access to the benefits of apricot seeds to as many people as possible into the future.